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Full Version: Losing too many webhosting customers to Wix?
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We are losing too many customers to "do it yourself" website builders like wix, shopify, squarespace, etc... 

We would like to offer a "do it yourself" builder tool to our customers... can you recommend a good one that is easy to use, decent pricing, and... easy to use? (Most of our customers are not technical, and need something very simple... just like wix, etc...)

We have lots of customers who contact us, and they tell us they want to build a new website. So we suggest Wordpress with a custom theme. The problem is that Wordpress requires quite a bit of technical knowledge in order to customize the theme. So.. eventually the customer gets frustrated, and then finds something like WIX... and they end up leaving us, and moving their hosting to wix or something similar. We lose the customer.

What do you recommend?

(PS - We have Softaculous installed. Is the SitePad builder any good? Do your customers like it? For $55/year, is it worth it?)
Having options like sitepad or sitespro on the control panel would be the best option I think.

Free hosting that costs £9.99 for an email address is a very good market. Hard to beat lol
Not really, people do no use web builders a lot, only few
Yes true, and there premium service charge is too low as well. So, local business owners prefer those website builders
(03-09-2019, 05:11 PM)georgeh Wrote: [ -> ]Not really, people do no use web builders a lot, only few

Wix customers disagree, they have over 2 million AFAIK. so that's a lot of upselling Smile
I agree with this, These website builders are getting a lot of customers
its really new to me, that people are leaving because of wix.
If thats the case you can use sitepad its no doubt easy and handy tool
You should focus on offering something different, wix has a target audience, for people who are not interested in using panels, who do not know or will not use cpanel, that they themselves manage your website.

If that is your target audience, I have not found anything that can be equal to wix, so it will be difficult if you go in that direction.
Yes, that is right, Web builders are just taking the web desgin companies down!